Siver Challenge questions


Hi everyone,

Some things came to my mind:

  1. Implementing zoom and touch methods in ViewControllers - does it follow MVC patten? I think we have to make all the pinching and colorchange in BNRHypnosisView, not in BNRHypnosisViewController. No?

Or! Maybe I misunderstood and BNRHypnosisView and BNRHypnosisViewController are “View” objects both? It is not so, because first one is UIView subclass and second one is UIViewController class.

However, Apple’s documentation to UIScrollView says, that pinch-to-zoom method should be implemented in View Controller, as done in the book.

Cant really get the whole MVC idea then…

  1. Did anyone really made Siver challenge with SegmentControl from last chapter’s challenge? I can’t figure out how to make it done.