Small editing mistake in book


Somewhere I saw that you all wanted to be notified if a mistake was found in the book, but I can’t seem to find that message again, so I didn’t know where to send this. But, before I forgot…

On page 173, last sentence on the page:

“…and the message you want to sent to you…” should be “…you want sent to you…” or “…you want to be sent to you…”


Found another grammatical error. Real quick, though, if there is somewhere else to post or send this information, please let me know. I’m not sure if this forum is the best place…

Anyway, page 220, second to last paragraph starting with “Like UITabBarController…” The third sentence reads “As more view controllers and pushed onto the stack, they…” It should be “…controllers are pushed…”


Here’s another mistake:

Pg. 332 in example of what needs to be changed when declaring the AssetTypePicker class as a subclass of UITableViewController.

You show the deleted line as:

@interface AssetTypePicker : UITableViewController

– instead of –

@interface AssetTypePicker : NSObject

I think the line probably just got cut & pasted, but the UITableViewController wasn’t changed to reflect the default NSObject designation


Pg. 375 in code for moveLine:, a comment reads:

“// How far as the pan moved?”

“as” needs to be changed to “has”


Pg. 451… Code at top

“// There will be a warning here, ignore it warning for now”

should be

// There will be a warning here. Ignore it for now


Pg 458 … Code at top “request” misspelled in the comment:

“// Construct a requst object with that URL”


Thank you for finding these and for taking the time to post them! We will fix them in the next printing.

If you’ve found others, please keep posting them here. Or if you’d rather, I think you can send me a message or an email through my profile.

Thanks again!