Solutions for Challenges


I answered in the 3rd edition forum, a topic asking why there weren’t any solution provided by BNR to the Gold, Silver and Bronze challenges of the book.
I put it back here as the 3rd edition forum might not be read anymore…

If I may, I don’t agree with you Joe.

I think a lot of people are working hard on the books and on the challenges, sometimes taking 2 to 8 hours on a challenge, because we follow your advice saying that we should find the solutions ourselves.

But I also think it would be nice from you to point out, at least, the solution you find the best in the forum. And/or maybe post a solution yourself.
Because we also need to learn from the masters, and looking at a bunch of solutions in the forum, which sometimes are far from being perfect, I don’t think it’s very rewarding when we spent 10 hours on the challenge. At least we want to know what would have been the perfection, according to BNR !

Besides, I also think all the people working on your books are grown-ups, and we are clever enough to know if we want to work on the challenges without looking at the solution - or not.

That’s it !

Anyway, great book !