[Solved] Where is simple_list_item_1



I came to page 183 of the book (second edition), here is mentioned a layout simple_list_item_1


I missed something or are talking about crime_recycler_view (fragment_crime_list.xml)?



The book uses android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1. Make sure that you have android in the name.

Android comes with its own R file with some resources, just like your project has its own R file.



Thanks for answering.

In the book it doesn’t mention anywhere where to create the simple_list_item_1 file.

If I am wrong, please could you tell me which page the book mentions about creating this file.

I think it’s an errata of the book.


You do not create this file. It is built in to the platform.

For your code to work, change:




When you use the android name before the R file, you are accessing Android’s built in resources.


Okay. Thanks, now I understand what it was. The problem has been fixed.