Some mistakes in this chapter


Hello there,
while reading trough the first chapter I found a little mistake. This could lead to errors while compiling the project. (Personally I am someone who don’t use any ready codes while working trough the book. And it is a good challenge for my self to find any mistakes or typos inside the book).
Here is the first (CORRECT) code:

#import "BNRQuizViewController.h"

@interface BNRQuizViewController ()


@implementation BNRQuizViewController


Next is the mistake I already mentioned is made three times in this chapter.




To make the project compile without any errors you’ll have to add “BNRQuizViewController” back after @implementation.

@implementation BNRQuizViewController

Everything else was fine for me and didn’t lead to any errors.
I apologize for any English mistakes I maybe made.
Greeting from Germany

PS: Great book, I totally love it.


I’d also like to point out a minor typo on p16, in case it hasn’t been reported to the author as of yet. On the line above the “Defining action methods” sub title, it is written ‘showAnwer:’ as opposed to ‘showAnswer:’.

Many thanks.


Oh, I see:

  1. very bottom of p. 14 (though JUST above the bottom the @implementation line is correct)
  2. top of p. 17
  3. top of p. 19 (though halfway down p. 19 it’s correct)

Fortunately, the reader is not asked to compile until page 22. But you’re right – they do need to pay attention, even when the text is not in bold.

Good typo catch on p. 16 as well.