Somehow my classpath went astray


So, I was doing fine running eclipse under Windows 7, saved, came back a week later, and cannot compile as eclipse cannot find “java.lang.object”. I do not think I upgraded anything, installed anything,etc - (but then again, Windows update runs automatically).

I am clear that some classpath designation has gone astray - there is nothing in the build path that looks like it would contain java.lang.object. I can add the JRE library that the “Add library” button offers up, but then none of the Android UI classes can be found. Lots of people on web have solutions for the error message, but no one recites what their environment is, and none of these fixes seem applicable.

Other than reinstalling and truing to reimport the project (which may just reincarnate whatever the issue is), do you have any suggestions?



Okay, fourth time is the charm. It now works for me.

I am convinced this is an eclipse timing problem. There was a disk-intensive process gong on in the background the first three times I tried it, and I am thinking that some thread timed out. That process is no longer running, and eclipse can find all the class files in time.