Song Titles Do Not Display in TableView


I am currently using the 1st Edition of this book with iOS 4 and Xcode 4. The song titles show up in the console, however, they do not show up in the TableView. Did iOS 4 break the code, and if so, could someone post the revisions. I have checked the syntax over and over again, and even recreated the project and cut and paste the code, and it still does not show up in the TableView. Anyways, any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hard to tell from just this. Make sure you are sending the message reloadData to the table view when the connection finishes (and after all of the data has been moved into the entries array).


I’m having a similar problem of not seeing the songs when I run the simulator. After I went through the tutorial myself and couldn’t figure out the problem, I downloaded and ran the finished source file from your website, and it’s still returning an empty table in the simulator. Any suggestions?