SpeakLine Project Anomalies


XCode 3.0 on 1.8GHz G5 Macintosh running 10.5.8 Leopard -=- On page 106 of3rd Ed. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X at the bottom of the page quote

If it is not speaking, you should be able to change the voice. close quote.

It acts like it is supposed to act in that the enabled/disabled performance is like expected. I can change the voice, but the sound coming out of the speaker does not change with a change in selected voice. I note that nowhere does the book say that I should expect the sound to change with a change in selection in the tableView.

I redid the exercise from start to finish and both times the behavior is the same.Is it unreasonable to expect the sound to change?


You need to connect the outlet for the tableview to the tableview in the window. Try printing the selected row number to the console. It will be 0 all the time if you don’t connect the outlet.