Specific need related to this chapter


This chapter is related to one app I am working on, but wanted to ask whether you guys think my scenario is relevant.

So basically I am building an app that shows a lot of art paintings ( in this sense kinda like BNRItems ) where show the painting, and have some data related to it, ( who painted it, some description text, etc etc ).
Anyway, my client wants me to have the all of these images bundled in the app, and not via download. So my BNRStore will be loading items locally ( in some folder called images). He also wants this so after I finish this project, he can just add more images to the images folder and have them being loaded properly.

What do you guys think about this scenario? Does it warrant Core data and using this chapter as a skeleton?


Sounds like you want to take a good look at this apple sample code:

The sample code is a good, basic intro to UICollectionView (very similar to UITableView) and loads images from disk, you could fairly easily add the additional image info in the DetailViewController.
If you don’t dynamically load the images over the network (from a server) and prefer to have a fixed collection in the app, you’ll have to issue an app update for new images. Either way, core data seems like overkill, all you need to do us save the image name and its associated information - you probably want to make that easy for the client to edit, so a .plist or defaults scenario seems best to me but YMMV.

Hope that helps


this is an interesting way, but it doesn;t use coredata, nor is there a way to display data about the image.
So in my case I need to maintain for image ( in my case a renaissance painting) who was the painter, year of painting, some discussion ( a lot of text data ).

Thats Why I thought maybe I need some form of persistance that is connected to this.