is awesome


At the end of Ch 16 you suggest using StackOverflow as a resource. I’m about 80% finished my first iPhone app and StackOverflow has been a godsend. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this site before I read this book. In almost every case it had the answer I needed to the problem I was having. This is an awesome resource!

My only critique of the site is that I can’t vote up the good answers because I don’t have enough cred or points or whatever I need to do that. I don’t have any answers for others yet but I can’t s how my appreciation to all those who have helped me so much.



Strange I found the site just far too unorganised to be useful. Granted that I didn’t spend that much time on there though. I am going to start using the site more and more - seems like its a very popular website for a good reason. :slight_smile: