Starting Over


Last year I started working with this book and got as far as chapter 20, I’m not an experienced Objective-C programmer and but had read most of Kochan’s Programming Objective-C prior to this. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I’ve been unable to study for the last 4 months.

This weekend I tried picking up the book from where I left off but am finding that I’ve forgotten almost everything! The thought of having to go right back to learning Objective-C basics is kind of crushing. Can anyone suggest a strategy for getting back up to speed again without starting over completely?



Hi Adam

I had a similar kind of false start…and I also read Steven Kochans great book, then got a couple of other iPhone Dev books and muddled my way through.

Still wasn’t confident on the material so I got BNR IOS programming book, however I realized I was still hazy on some Objective C.
So I paused with the iOS book and bought the kindle version of the BNR Objective C book.

Have to say the objective C book is excellent, clear and concise, finally all starting to make sense. I’m almost through it already after a few weeks and looking forward to revisiting the iOS book . I’d recommend you try it. I’d imagine you would get through it pretty quick and then also the iOS book too.




Thanks for the advice Lenny, I’ll definitely take a look at the BNR Objective C book - I’m a big fan of their books.