Strange Issues with moving rows


I have built Homepwner up to moving rows. I’m have some strange issues.

  1. I can edit and move rows. The edit row appears at the end. This is correct.

  2. I can drag a row below the edit row, which should not happen.

  3. If I drag a row below the edit row scrolling edit row out of view makes it disappear.

  4. Using NSLog I printed the row number and the possesions count to the console. I notice message is printed each time the row passes another row even if you haven’t released. Also the possessions count increases each time this happens. For example, If I test the app and tap and drag the last row, above the edit row, and drag it up one one row. The [proposedDestinationIndexPath row] is 8, which is correct and [possessions count] is 10, which is also correct. If perform the same operation again the [proposedDestinationIndexPath row] is 8, but the [possessions count] is now 12! I’m assuming this is part of the problem in 3 above. since the number of rows in the data provider seem to be increasing.

Seems like something is adding new rows when a row is being moved.


Never mind, pilot error. Missed one line and typed the same line twice.