Strikethrough Issue on iPad Kindle App


I downloaded this book through Amazon Kindle and I’m reading it on my iPad Kindle app, but the strikethrough text is appearing as plain text. Is this a known issue with any sort of fix from within the app?


I am also experiencing this issue. iPad 1st gen with the kindle app. kindle support staff didn’t even understand my question!


I’m having the same issue. The strikeout text appears just as plain text in the iPad Kindle app. The Kindle app is version 3.4 running on an iPad mini, if the helps any.

The strikethrough text shows correctly on my Kindle device.


About the missing strikethroughs, will you check your Kindle book’s version? Go to the copyright page right after the cover and at the bottom of this information is a Release number.

If you are missing strikethroughs, I’m betting your release is E.3.2.1. D’oh! This is the wrong file. On Kindle, the release should be K.3.2.1.

Amazon now has the correct file, and you can ask them to push you the updated version to replace the one you have. Instructions for how are at viewtopic.php?f=106&t=3261.

Couple of requests:
If you bought your Kindle book after 11/6 and are having this problem, please let me know what your purchase date was.

If your release is K.3.2.1 and you are having this problem, let me know about that, too.

Thank you, and we are really sorry about the hassle.



Today Amazon emailed me notifying me of an update. After the update to K 3.2.1, I am seeing the text as expected. This makes the reading experience so much better!



So glad you’re getting the right experience now!
Thanks for confirming the fix.