Stuck on Chapter 9


I really would love to continue using this book and not go to another one, but I can’t figure out what is happening with listing 9.20. I posted the code (Listing 9.20 page 188) and so far have not gotten enough details to solve my problem.

Is there any other place I can go to in order to get help with this? I have read through the other postings so unless I missed it no one else is having the issue. Thanks.

Update - still plodding through but I have not resolved my confusion. Is this forum being monitored by admins?
Got some help.
Thanks, embeddedMatt!



What is your familiarity with Java? Do you have any previous coding experience? I’m around the same page in the book as you and am taking extra time to revisit concepts and code that aren’t familiar to me. If you want we can collaborate in google docs or something and work through the book in a “study group”.

Let me know what you think. I usually plod through in the evenings (EST -5 GMT)


That is an interesting idea. I know I will get stuck again. I’m not sure how it would work since many times I need to ask some questions that are probably basic to people in the profession.

I am on Chapter 16 now and I plan to go back through the book after I finish it and tackle the rest of the challenges since I could not get them all. I am working on an app idea so I will be trying to draw up that project plan concurrently.

I am not a programmer by profession. I have had courses in Java, C++, PHP, MySql, and I taught myself a lot about HTML and website design (through another book). But the Java and C++ were a long time ago so one mistake I made was not to go ahead and buy a quick reference book in Java. Instead I bought a reference book which is a little hard to use. I just bought another one with workshop exercises and I am going to go through those. But I don’t know how much it will help.

This book is very good in most situations. The Chapter 9 problem was the only thing that really had me confused so clearly I am missing some fundamentals. I am having a great time with it and find the whole experience addictive.


Chapter 9 is getting quite complex. I have experience programming but all of these custom classes are just a bit confusing. I guess it just takes some familiarity with the classes/methods. Glad to hear things have become more clear onwards.