Stuck trying to use Storyboard


Hi there.

Given Xcode 4.2 is now released, and developing for iOS 5 is a reality, I’ve tried to go through this chapter using Xcode 4.2, arc, and storyboard.

Everything was going fine until I had to create a new xib file for CurrentTimeViewController.
Instead of creating a xib file, I added a viewController to the storyboard, and set its class to be CurrentTimeViewController.
When you add a viewController, it already comes with a view.

But here there isn’t a File’s Owner, and besides setting the class, I don’t know how to link this viewController to the CurrentTimeViewController… I don’t see any IBOutlets anywhere to link anything.

Also, if I change the initWithNibName from nil to @“CurrentTimeViewController”, my application crashes when I switch the view.

Any thoughts? any help? I’ve been searching for hours, but can’t find an answer on how to continue here



Well, I figured a way to continue learning by leaving the storyboard alone, and creating a xib file for CurrentTimeViewController.
It feels like going that route kinda defeats the purpose of the storyboard, but it worked, and so far I don’t see an alternative.


Storyboards are weird and make everything look magical. I don’t think they speed up development time at all, either. I wouldn’t recommend using them.