Suspect console message


I have just started the notification enhancement of RaiseMan, when i got this suspect console message in XCode:2011-12-29 13:26:20.604 RaiseMan[524:707] showing <PreferenceController: 0x10282c200> 2011-12-29 13:26:20.649 RaiseMan[524:707] Nib file is loaded warning: Could not find object file "/Users/lindberg/BlackOps/Source/Modules/RCWebColorPicker/build/" - no debug information available for "/Users/lindberg/BlackOps/Source/Modules/RCWebColorPicker/RCWebColorPicker.m".
Edit: The message appear, if I click the color well.

Why/how I get this message ? Misterious… :confused:


My guess is that you’ve installed a 3rd party color picker, which is getting loaded when the color picker panel is shown. Because it’s being loaded, the debugger tries to find symbols for it but can’t. Shouldn’t be anything to worry about, however.


Thank you Adam for the explanation, now I can sleep better.