Table cell won't resize to use 100% width of the NSTableView


Hi everyone. I’m working my way through Chapter 6 and I’m not having any trouble with the CODE, but I am having trouble getting my NSTableView to look like it should in the book.

Specifically, when I create the table view it defaults to two columns. I go in and change it to just “1”, but the little resize indicator remains. I can’t find a way to force the cell to use 100% of the width of the containing table view.

Here is the issue, visually:

And here is my inspector:

I’d very much love to hear any suggestions anyone might have :slight_smile:

edit: I should add, XCode 4.3.2, OSX 10.7.3


Hi Marty -

The only way I was able to do this was to select the table column in interface builder and drag it out so it filled the entire table.



Sadly, the manual way was the only method I could find to do it as well. I can’t imagine this is the intended behaviour as far as Xcode is concerned. Seems very inelegant when everything else is so polished. Perhaps a bug? Hard to tell if this is something I ought to submit to Apple’s bug tracker.