TextView's resource name is not consistent


TextView’s resource name, question_text, in chapter 1 is not consistent with the following chapters.

In the chapter 1 it’s name is [color=#FF0000]question_text [/color](both resource ID & string resource).
But from the chapter 2 it is [color=#0000FF]question_text_view[/color].

Of course if the GeoQuiz app exists only in the chapter 1, there is no problem. But it doesn’t.

So in the chapter 1 all of [color=#FF0000]question_text [/color]should be [color=#0000FF]question_text_view[/color]
because of consistency.

page numbers are
11(listing 1.2),
12(figure 1.10),
14(listing 1.3),
17(listing 1.5),
18(listing 1.6),
23(listing 1.12)

And from the Solution file of chapter 1, it’s better to remove that TextView’s resource ID,
and that TextView’s android:text="@string/question_text_view" is missing.



Oh, I’m sorry, I was confused.

The book is O.K, but in the Solution file of the chapter 1, it’s better to remove the TextView’s resource ID (it is added in the chapter 2)
and add [color=#0000FF]android:text="@string/question_text"[/color]
and change question_text’s string value to “Constantinople is the largest city in Turkey.” instead of “The Pacific Ocean is larger than the Atlantic Ocean.”.