Thanks For All The Fish!


Thanks a ton for such a great book Joe and Aaron.

This was the second of your books that I’ve worked through with the first being this books predecessor “iPhone Programming - The Big Nerd Ranch Guide”. After getting 75% of the way through the first book I knew enough to be dangerous and went off and wrote several apps. They were fun and are ones that I still use myself but they just didn’t have that ‘certain something’ I knew was needed to be an App Store success. This book was a blast and gave me just enough depth to keep the learning momentum and delivering numerous “That is so cool!” moments. It’s also nudged me even closer to finally submitted my first app.

It’s always a bit bitter sweet when a long term project like this comes to an end but I’m even more excited about the apps and opportunities to come.

I started programming before I expect most of the readers of your book were born (1976 - C, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC, etc.), bought my first Apple product - the Apple ][+ for $1,800 in 1980 and never looked back. Programming for post-PC-era devices, while far more challenging, is far more exciting, empowering and enjoyable. I’m totally hooked.

Thanks you two! I can’t wait to see the gem of a book you come up with next.



Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!


I agree. As a former spaghetti coder from the 80’s, I’ve read lots of programming books. This iOS book is the best self-teaching book I’ve ever owned. Fantastic, excellent work!



I have to agree with the sentiments expressed above. Thanks for a great book, and definitely one of the best programming books I have read over my 23 year programming career.


Wow, finally got to the end - I have a lot more respect for the apps on my phone that I use on a daily basis now that I can see how they probably work.

Thanks again for a good read!