"The following classes could not be found:" message


I received a “The following classes could not be found:” message upon creation of the dialog_date.xml file in the layout folder as indicated on pages 214-215.

So far, it seems to work as indicated, but I’m wondering about the messages and if they should be a cause for concern, or just something to learn more about.

I tried to post an image without success. Here is the message from the Graphical Layout screen of dialog_date.xml:
[b]The following classes could not be found:

  • CalendarView (Change to android.widget.CalendarView, Fix Build Path, Edit XML)
  • DatePicker (Change to android.widget.DatePicker, Fix Build Path, Edit XML)[/b]


I have the same problem, except the code will not run. Did anyone figure out what went wrong here?


This is just an issue with that particular target. Switch to another target API in the preview window and it will go away.

Dennis, your issue sounds like it is probably different.