The red rectangle is displayed in top left corner


Hi All,
I have a problem with the template application - in BNRHypnosisView.m line
CGRect firstFrame = CGRectMake(160,240,100,250)
should create a rectangle with the origins on (160,240), but I have it displayed in top left corner - origins (0,0). Both in simulator and on the device.
Xcode 6, iphone 5, iOS 8.1 (was the same on 7.1)

Any specific settings related to Xcode 6?


You mean in chapter FOUR, page 90? Ask the question over there, post the code, and I’ll be happy to look.


Yep, sorry. I posted my question into the wrong chapter.
Actually after browsing the chapter forum I found the root cause of my problem - I inserted the piece of code

@property (nonatomic) CGRect frame; 

into BNRHypnosisView.h file. That wording on page 89 really seems to be confusing.


Super – glad you were able to resolve the issue!