The Solution Zip File


In section ‘How to use this book’, 5th Edition book asks to download solution file from w w w . and the link is broken.
When I go to solution page directly, I find the solution download option but the solution zip name is different. Wondering whether I have downloaded the right solution zip file. :unamused:


I am having the same problem, and being directed to a page without the file and telling me “Something went haywire”. I actually made a post about this, and I hope they give us an alternative, otherwise, I will have to just continue using google.



Just a general question: the “Solutions” zip file for me does not actually contain any solutions - only seems to contain the version of each app that it should have at the end of a chapter (before doing the solution to the challenges), am I right? I have found myself frustrated after two chapters with challenges that I could not make any leeway with - and too puzzled to even feel I’d know what to ask for here in the forum. Does any of You know of other resources (e.g. another forum or GitHub or such) where to find true solutions to some of those chapters? With some of the issues, I feel it would be easiest to just look at a solution in code than to try to come up with question - some of the challenges are so complex, and so moderately worded that they leave such an open playing field, that I don’t even really know where to start (or feel too… little equipped to even start; I may have failed for hours without making any progress - until it starts feeling frustrated).



bbccdde you are right, I downloaded the solutions file without any problem, but i don’t see the solutions for the challenges, and I am worry, your post is almost 2 months old, and I don’t see any answer to this problem.


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind some help on some of the “Challenges”.