The UI of iPAD doen't change


I selected Upgrade Current Target for iPad but the UI of iPad didn’t change.

The UI of iPAD XIB is same as that of iPhone XIB.

The size didn’t change…

I think the size is very small for IPad.

However, the sample code of The Big Nerd Ranch is good.

I don’t know why my code has problem.


You’ll have to resize it yourself.


I have one more problem.

I ran the iPad application on simulator, but the iphone simulator was launched.

However, your sample code launched the iPad simulator.


I resolved problems.

First, open the MainWIndow-ipad.xib using Interface Builder.

Select File Menu > Create iPad Version.
Maybe, The window for iPad will appear.
Select File Menu > Save As… to save the XIB to any directory.
Name it MainWIndow-ipad.xib.
Exit Interface Builder.

Delete the MainWindow-iPad.xib.
Import the saved MainWindow-ipad.xib to Resources-iPad Group.

To select iPad Simulator, change the Project setting to Simulator
And there is two options for iPhone and iPad.