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Am I the only one here realising that there are not Big Nerd Ranch guys helping us on nothing? I’ve posted some things around and have never been replied by an admin… I’m pissed off specially because there are a lot of details that have changed since the arise of iOS 7 and the guys who made this great book have nothing to say about it??? I have seen topics posted over 6 months ago and no one has replied … not even a word…

It’s ok if you are busy and all that stuff, but, come on! This is silly… a post with the changes from what is published on the book Vs iOS 7 would be enough… and it will help a lot of people including me, of course… I know we can search the documentation and all that stuff, but what are the forums made for?

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It is much easier to cope with incompatibility issues by using the version of Xcode for which the book was written.

You can wait for the next edition of the book. But then, there will be a newer version of iOS…

A better strategy is to learn how to survive in this fast changing world by making use of the resources provided by Apple.

BNR books are designed to teach you how to start crawling, and they do a very good job in that respect.


I agree with you ibex10, but you are the man who always help… and I appreciate that, but once in a while it is good to receive an advice from the authors isn’t it?