Thumbnail shows blue "B...n" -- Very strange!


Either this just started recently, after I upgraded XCode, or I’m losing my mind. Anyway, superimposed on the thumbnail’s image cell are the following characters: B…n. The characters appear in blue. This happens whether an image is displayed (set) or not. I recently upgraded to XCode 4.5.2. I’m not sure when this started. Perhaps it started with the 4.5 line. I don’t think it was there when I originally coded this on v4.4.x.

See image for illustration of the problem:

Anyone have any idea what’s going on? I’m at a loss. Where did these characters come from?




It seems the B…n had to do with the “invisible” button superimposed on the thumbnail ImageView. I think what happened was that when I upgraded Xcode, a title was added to the button in Interface builder. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Below the “Title” drop down menu you can see a text field box where the word “Button” is entered. It seems that got added during the upgrade. Because the dimensions of the button are so small, you could only see “B…n”. I simply highlighted the word “Button” and deleted it. When I ran the application again, everything was normal.