TransferBarButtonItem makes no sense!


This line of code from ListViewController makes no sense to me:

[code][self transferBarButtonToViewController:channelViewController];/code]

I studied the transferbarbuttonitemToViewcontroller method and I don’t understand why its there as there is no barbuttonItem upon the detailViewController
or the ChannelViewController. Can someone please explain why its there?



Oh I get it. In Portrait mode you see the ‘List’ button where in landscape mode you dont!


One more thing. The code is bugged. Starting the NerdFeed in Portrait doesn’t initialize any navcontroller at all. You have to rotate to landscape mode and select a channel and rotate back to portrait mode to get the ‘List’ Navcontroller item to display. There should be logic in there to load the nav controller if in portrait! This is from downloaded source code from your site. Think the book needs editing on the next release…



Sorry to answer my own question but my simulator was too large for viewing 100% and the top navbar was scrolled out of view. Oops.

It shows at 75% viewing scale factor.