Trouble Getting Android Device Manager Working



I’m trying to run the first application (GeoQuiz) on the Android Device Manager. All the code is in and it compiles without errors. According to the Android Book , within Eclipse I go go to “Window->Android Virtual Device Manage” then click “New.” However there is not a “New” button. There is a “Create” button which I did click and I’ve filled out the info indicating the “Galaxy Nexus” as instructed by the book. However, I never get the option to click “OK.” The problem according to Eclipse is “No System Images Installed For This Target.” As far as I know, I’ve done all as instructed by the book. Is there something else I need to install or additional instructions?

Note I’m using Eclipse Luna and just downloaded and installed all last week.

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Hi - I was finally able to launch the emulator. The problem was of course that Android Developer Tools needed me to accept some license terms to finish installing some packages. Once I did this then it finished installing and the required images were installed. Now as instructed by the book when I right click on the GeoQuiz then “Run As -> Android Application” the emulator is launched.

Unfortunately I’m now running into a new problem. The emulator is launched and I have a NEXUS_API_20 emulator screen. I see the Android screen. In the console it gets to “[2014-10-16 05:04:02 - GeoQuiz] Waiting for HOME (‘android.process.acore’) to be launched…” and it seemingly makes no more progress. I never see the GeoQuiz.