Typo someplace I cannot find


I’ve only gotten as far as adding the Departments view, and will start over if I can’t get this fixed.

I get this error when running Chapter 30’s code:
2010-07-27 19:40:14.107 Departments[372:a0f] Cannot perform operation since entity with name ‘Deptartment’ cannot be found

I’ve pored over all the source that I’ve typed many times. I’ve tried searching for the string ‘Deptartment’ and cannot find it.

Maybe I made an early typo with the core data .xcdatamodel, and it’s in there for good.

Any tips where this typo could be, hidden so well that I can’t find it?


I suppose you’ve discovered by now that you misspelled Department. (You spelled it Deptartment, it appears.)