UIImage doesn't get loaded on the imageView


Hi all

I’m working through chapter 14 and am facing a problem with the saving and loading of the BNRItems… Everything seems to load and save like it should, except for the image. When I pick an image, press home (all in iOS Simulator) and enter the app again, the image is still there. When I press home, stop the simulator and start it again, the items load with their attributes but the imageView is empty. If anyone needs to see any code to solve this problem let me know, it’s really annoying so I hope someone will be able to solve it, would be great!

Thanks in advance


Nevermind guys, my bad! Further in this chapter there is an explanation on how to save the images and it works!


Where exactly is this explanation? I did it like in the chapter, before “More on low memory warnings”, and the saving and loading process works fine. Only when quitting the application, as soon as the detailViewController loads, it doesn´t load the image any more!


Sorry, sometimes I just forget tiny stupid things… This time i forgot to write “result =” in the following code:

if (!result) result = [UIImage imageWithContentsOfFile:[self imagePathForKey:key]];