UIScrollview and a big UIView


I’m using Storyboard… I know

I have a ScrollView with content size 640x460, and frame (0,0,320,460)
I subview a UIView with frame: (0,0,640,460) on to the ScrollView
To add buttons, etc… I have to work out of the visible portion of the UIView and then position the buttons via X & Y in the Storyboard

Is there any way to layout the UIView by seeing the entire view and just drag/drop buttons, textviews etc? This gets more frustrating when adding UITableViews in a paging arrangement with UIScrollView… you can only view one tableview at (0,0)… so far, re: tableviews, I have to design one table view, duplicate it and assign it to a x,y position



Where can I ask for more.