UISegmentedControl not visible?


I’m pulling my hairs hard.

To solve silver challenge, I drag a segmented control to the map view then add the code …

There are several answers posted already. However, my issue is after start the application in simulator, the segmented control is not visible! It’s not like the location text field which is on top of the map view.

There seems no z-order property for this segmented control.

I don’t know what I’m missing…

Thanks for help.


Alright. I know what’s wrong. In order to test my app on my old ipod, which is using iOS 5.1, I disabled the ‘Use Autolayout’.

If I enable the ‘Use Autolayout’ option, the app runs well on iPhone 6.1 simulator, but it won’t run on iPhone 5.1.

After I disable it, the app runs on iPhone 5.1, but the segment control not visible.

So what should I do to make it run on iPhone 5.1 simulator? A non-trivial work?