UITableViewController methods


Whoops. Yes, last minute change due to some poor logic on Apple’s part. There is an explanation somewhere in the Core Data chapter about how using the UITableViewController subclass template inserts these ridiculous un-compilable code completion placeholders into the .m file. Therefore, all the chapters that used UITableViewController had to be updated to use the UIViewController subclass template - and I believe we left off some boldface in the code listings.

And thanks. I’m using these forums as a guide to fix errors and streamline explanations, so all of you guys’ input is immensely helpful. :slight_smile:


I had the same query. So is the recommended procedure to avoid enabling the UITableViewController subclass checkbox and implement manually?


That’s my recommendation. Putting placeholders in the code for things a developer won’t implement until later is, for lack of a better word, stupid.

You could also edit the template files so that it doesn’t have these placeholders.

You can check out this post on our blog about where to find these templates: