Can you recommend a guide for understanding how to properly diagram classes, methods, processes, programs, etc?
Also any tools you could recommend for this? I understand omnigraffle is an excellent product but a bit pricey for me at this time. Any good alternatives?


All the diagrams in this book were done with OmniGraffle, and I can’t say enough great things about this tool. It makes maintenance and improvement easy. If you need to do diagrams, OmniGraffle is worth the price.

Of course, now that you are an Objective-C programmer, you could write a tool.


Thats a great point. Of course a bit of a chicken and egg problem as well… I need a tool to help me design tool to design tools?

Thanks for the advice. I’ll start filling the piggy bank to Omnigraffle. Now I need two banks, one for software and one for coming down to the ranch for class…


One very useful addition would be an FAQ on Omnigraffle, especially with any gotchas. It took me a bit of time to get used to it so it has a rich capability set. You are correct, worth the price.