Unable to find Status Bar is initially hidden property


Hi guys,

I know I can add this programmatically but I was just curious why there is no “Status Bar is initially hidden” property in my info.plist. None of the properties match so I’m assuming its due to a different version of Xcode but I’m not sure.

Attached is a screen shot showing why my plist file looks like. Any ideas why its different or why there is no place to set the status bar attributes?


Did you ever find an answer to this? I’m stuck at the same place - it doesn’t show this property anywhere in my PList file


In …info.plist it doesn’t show the “Status Bar is initially hidden”-property from the beginning. There are so many properties which are not show from the beginning. But you can add an delete them by pressing on “plus” or “minus” symbol.
The Screenshot shows how it looks like: