Unable to perform step Figure 20.3 - Connect Menu Item


Anybody tried this chapter exercise on Snow Leopard with XCode 3.2.2 and it work? I am not able to connect the menu item to the Big Letter View action. The option is just not there. I have already add the line “-(IBAction)savePDF:(id)sender” in the BigLetterView.h file and build with no errors. But I still can’t see the action available in the Interface Builder.


You probably have a syntax error in the BigLetterView.h file. Try building the project. Also, make sure that you save BigLetterView.h before you try to perform the drag.


Thanks Aaron! It works now. Though I still can’t figure out what is wrong with my code. I used eyeball checking against the book, letter by letter, but found no diff. Then I deleted the project and redo from chapter 19 again. And it works this time. I suspect could be some mistakes I made in IB previously.

Now I can proceed on with the remaining chapters! Was almost on the verge of giving up, but your reply is enough motivation for me to continue. Once again, thanks! :slight_smile: