Unable to take screenshot


On page 28 there are instructions for taking a screenshot of your application with Xcode.

The button in the lower right corner of the organizer window for the device screenshot is nowhere to be found on my system. The help file says it should be there, but it is not.

Developer Information:

Version: 4.1 (4B110)
Location: /Developer
Xcode: 4.1 (516)
Instruments: 4.1 (4138)
Dashcode: 3.0.2 (336)
Mac OS X:
10.6: (10J567)
10.7: (11A511a)
iPhone OS:
4.3: (8H7)
iPhone Simulator:
4.3: (8H7)

My OS is Lion 10.7.1
Not sure why it also reports 10.6 in the above Developer Information.

Is the missing button normal? How else can you take a screenshot?


I’m working through the book as well and think that you have to have your app deployed to a device to follow those instructions. If the device is tethered, then you will see it in device list. Then you’ll be able to take a new screen shot as described in the book.

If you are trying to capture the image from the simulator, try this:
From the iOS Simulator menu select Edit -> Copy
Then launch the Preview app on the Mac
From there select File -> New from Clipboard

Then you can save that image and use that file as the launch image.
Hopefully there is an easier way to capture simulator images.
Good luck.


Ahhh… Thank you.