Undo and Archive not enabled


I’m using Xcode 4 so I am having to do some extra digging to learn the lessons, but it is basically good.
The current chapter on Undo has me stumped.
I’ve followed the directions carefully, building a simple NSActivation style undo in a NSDocument object.
But the undo item in the Edit menu does not get enabled, and it does not change its text.

I went on to the archiving chapter and though the code compiles just fine it is not called.
When I quit I get an alert that the “the document “untitled” could not be autosaved”.
Also Save is disabled.

Even though I have all the code in place for undoing and archiving the OS is acting as though it does not support them.
Any ideas ? I’d love to see these working so I can continue with the book knowing that my foundation is solid.

Thank you.

ps. I posted this on the Apple deforum under cocoa yesterday but no one has responded there. But there have been 12 views.


Well, I did get this working.
I recreated the project carefully following the steps and the Undo does work correctly now.
Comparison revealed that my FileOwner’s Windows outlet was not set to my main Window in the nib.
I don’t know how it even worked at all without that.
I’m back in action, that was a frustrating delay.