Unsigned int sum = 0;


In Employee.m, // Sum up the resale value of the assets unsigned int sum = 0; for (Asset *a in assets) { sum += [a resaleValue]; } return sum; }

May I know why is the sum be 0 at first and not be unsigned int sum; ?
I would appreciate if one could address my concern. Thank you :slight_smile:


When declaring variables, always initialising them is considered good programming practice; otherwise you would be relying on compiler’s default initialisation policy: that is, what value does the compiler assign to a variable left uninitialised?

Left uninitialised:

[code]unsigned int sum;
// What is the value of sum here? either zero or some garbage.

// Increment by foo
sum += foo;

[code]unsigned int sum = 0;
// What is the value of sum here? definitely, zero.

// Increment by foo
sum += foo;
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