Unusual behaviour when rotating on iPad



Once you have changed the modal view controller style to a form sheet, when you then add a new item, if you then rotate the iOS simulator, this newly added item magically appears in the ItemsViewController table underneath (before you’ve clicked the Done button). If you then click Cancel, it promptly disappears.

If there are any existing items in the table, when you add another item, then rotate again, the item once again appears underneath the modal view, with the item cell above it still have the rounded bottom edge as if it was the last cell.

Is this an iOS simulator bug? I can’t test on a device.

Thanks, Mark


It’s the behavior of the application the way it’s coded, the new item is added to allItems and when the tableView reloads it triggers numberOfRowsInSection based upon the number of items in the array, the item is there until cancel is pressed, so it’s not wrong, per se.


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