Update for XCode 4.5? [SOLVED]


Do not seem to have a + (or minus) as shown in figure 16.2 . I do however have something simular in the project info tab called 'Localizations" . Is the book just dated and this has been moved or ?


Figured this out with documentation for anyone else.
Click the project “RaiseMan” in the file nav click the info tab and at the bottom there is a Localizations area, click + sign and you will be presented with dialog as to which resources to make localizable.

For the localizable.strings I created after making app localized you can click 'Make Localized" in the file inspector for the file and then check french and it will make a french version

Note there is no en.lproj or fr.lproj anymore … each localized version is dillenated by the arrow next to the file which lets you edit the different versions…


Just to add, you will probably need to resize the localised NIB’s. Being Dutch I had to LOL