Updates & Corrections


Now that we are all reading electronic versions of your book is it possible for you to make arrangements with somebody (Amazon??) to make updated versions available when you discover errors or minor improvements to your code that need to be addressed? (I shutter to think what problems a novice [in iPhone development] like me will have after iOS 5 is released.} Maybe this would only be possible if your book was sold through Apple’s iBooks. It would be so nice to see “Update Available” displayed, and have the updated version of your ebook downloaded.
Thanks for taking the time to write your book.

P.S. It was cinek2’s suggestion that I create a new topic. Thanks for the idea, cinek2.


Interesting idea. It certainly seems to take advantage of the e-format. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be technically feasable though the may be issues with the publishing agreements that might stand in the way. If it could be implemented I wonder if there would be a need to implement some sort of versioning control so that it would be easy to see what had changed. There might also be a need to prevent updates or an ability to roll back to an earlier version. Correcting erata shouldn’t be an issue but if the e-book automatically updates to an iOS5 version and I’m still using iOS4.3 I’d be in trouble.