Updating / Modifying Assets & Attributes


Just have a quick question about generating the .h and.m files out of data model interface. Here’s my example - Let’s say that I forget to include an attribute, generate the file, and need to go back later and add that missing attribute. I’m assuming that I can just add that attribute to the data model, and also create an entry for that attribute in my .h file. Is this ok, or is there a better way to do this? Another example would be let’s say that I make a type and set something as in Integer 32 and I meant for it to be a String?


Well I did find a better way to do it.

Issue: You added an attribute / relationship / whatever to your data model and you want to update your .h and .m files?

Here’s the steps: developer.apple.com/library/mac/ … ssors.html

NOTE: command + c (copy) / command + p (paste) are NOT the same as using the options under Edit!!!

Step 1) Make your changes to your datamodel
Step 2) Select your recently added / changed attribute / etc
Step 3) Edit -> Copy
Step 4) Open the .h file and click in the destination white space where you want the declaration to go
Step 5) Edit -> Paste Attribute Interface
Step 6) Open your .m file / click in the white space / Edit -> Paste Attribute Implementation

You can also select multiple attribute / relationship changes and copy and paste them all at once.