Upgraded to Xcode 4.5 and can't follow the book anymore


Apologies for the basic question, however I’ve now upgraded Xcode to 4.5 and ios6, and the new features in interface builder are preventing me from following the book without errors (interface constraints, etc). I’m also getting a few warnings in the implementation on occasion as well. Is there a good way around this, either via an Xcode downgrade, or particular settings in Xcode that will make it behave as before?


Interesting. I was going to upgrade to the latest version of Xcode - but I think i will hold off if there are going to be errors.


Yes, would hold off. Also, I fixed it by downloading the old version of Xcode from apple. Not sure if that’s the best fix, but it worked for me.


You can use the new version of Xcode and turn off autolayout. Select a XIB file and open the File Inspector panel (the first one, I believe). There will be a check box to turn off Autolayout and use autoresize masks.


Thanks for the reply, Joe.

I have since just upgraded Xcode to 4.5 and installed latest iOS 6 SDK’s.

Just started the book now!


Well I am working with xcode 4.5 and iOS 6, and for half way through the book everything works fine ( if any issues arse, you can just google them and resolve them )
I noticed since hitting chapter 16 and core data its getting weird, I have a thread already open in this forum’s chapter 16 about an issue I am having, but now in chapter 17 the basic localization on page 342 which uses NSString *currencySymbol = [[NSLocale currentLocale] objectForKey:NSLocaleCurrencySymbol]; is just not working.
I know OSX 10.8.2 localization happens through setting ->language & texts -> Region, as opposed to the book’s recommendation of going through General -> International -> Region Format). But its just not working!!