Using fragments and hiding the new support action bar


Hello peeps, I’ve just finished chapter 18 and it’s time I need to start helping someone with their app so I figured the fragments-for-everything approach was a good one to start me off. I’ve noticed since the book was written the action bar is now available in a support package which is nice, so this is how I would like to use it in my app. I hope it’s not against forum rules etc. but I have a question on Stack Overflow which is annoying me and I’m not sure how to figure it out - although someone may answer me nicely there I figured it could be useful to point it out here too.

Here is a link to the problem, basically by using the fragment-only approach with the action bar, I cannot seem to hide the action bar correctly for a launching ‘login’ activity (the blank activity fragment shows for a couple of seconds first which is super unprofessional :wink: )


Well I think I’ve figured it out but it would be nice if Android unified some of their action bar methods and terminology even :unamused: I’ll slink back to my Android corner now for more learning :laughing: