Using two-stage rotation animation


I have looked through the code and can’t find where Homepwner uses:


is this correct? Did I forget something somewhere?

The console generates, “2010-07-07 16:15:01.246 Homepwner[214:307] Using two-stage rotation animation. To use the smoother single-stage animation, this application must remove two-stage method implementations.” I’ve looked through the Developer’s Forums and followed the advice given there. Still generate the console message.

Any thoughts or ideas as to what I need to do to correct this appreciated.


This is from the UIImagePickerController. Don’t worry about it, Apple’s problem that they will eventually fix.


Thanks for the quick reply Joe…that’s what I thought it was after reading through the Developer Forum’s, just wanted to be sure. Thanks for taking the time to write a very helpful and informative book! Your methodology is so much better than others and your writing is easy to follow.


Thanks John. :slight_smile: