Using XCODE 5, Random builds OK but doesn't display buttons


The Random app, coded as demonstrated in the book, builds without any problem, but when the Random app is run and its window appears, it does not display the buttons nor textfield. The title and menu bar does appear and the menu items are active, although there’s not much except Quit for them to do.

I wonder if awakeFromNib or AppDelegate needs to somehow activate those objects. AppDelegate is presented by Xcode5 devoid of methods. AppDelegate is not mentioned in the 4th edition book for Xcode 4 (at least not in the Index), and book 5 is not yet available.

Thanks for your assistance.



Not wanting to just wait for an answer, I went into a frenzy of experimentation and discovered my error. I had dragged and constructed the buttons and labels directly into the blank canvas area of the Xcode window. I should have first brought up the Random window by clicking its icon in the dock (just left of the canvas area). Then I should have dragged and constructed the buttons and labels into the image of the window. I did that and then deleted the original buttons and label which were in the blank area of the canvas. (I had left them there at first in order to be able to reference and compare the specifications while building the new ones in the proper place.) Then I again made the connections, and –

Now everything works like a charm.