Using Xcode 6 with the 4th Edition book


I believe if you download Xcode 5 from it will prompt you to overwrite or keep both. If you keep both you should be able to run them on the same machine.

is one of the many Stack Overflow answers that discuss in more detail.


Thanks, Christian, et al, for the useful suggestions.

I’m using the latest (Feb. release) Xcode beta from Apple so I need to be a bit circumspect in what I say.

Here’s a summary of what I found to be useful in getting through the Chapter 1 example:
[]From the Oct. 8 post by KarimAzzouz, download the empty app template and put it inside the Xcode package as described. Use it as the template for your app.
]From Christian’s Sep. 24 post (first one of this thread), apply the XIB changes described.
[]To get IB to show and use a specific device size while you’re building the interface, open the inspector on the XIB file and under “Interface Builder Document” deselect the “Use Size Classes” checkbox. (You’ll be asked to confirm this. Do so.)
]At the top of the Xcode window, just to the right of the Build and Stop buttons, where you’re asked to select your build target, select your actual iOS Device or iOS Simulator target. You’ll now get the appropriately sized screen in IB.

I still get the hugely oversized splash screen appearing before my app window in the simulator (remnant of the Storyboard stuff that’s not removed by the empty app template?) Just click through it or wait for it to timeout.

Haven’t tried this app on my actual device (iPhone 5) yet. Will let you know if this changes anything.



using xcode vers 6.11 can’t fins Main in “project Setting”. how much of the book will be unusable with the newer version of xcode?


hello,I am a newbie in iOS programming and my English is poor,so there may be some errors.
I followed steps of the Quiz app and every thing went right.Because I wanted to make it run on the iPhone6 simulator,I set size of .xib to iPhone 4.7-inch,but as I went on the app,
it went as if it were running on the 4-inch one.Why?


The website below shows how to set up the project in a more orderly way than these instructions. One line of code was cut off but I used bundle:nil]; and it seems to work.


hello willb77,

I also had a problem finding the Main Interface field in xcode6.2
Im attaching a window grab which may help
Select the first item under TARGETS and then General category … see the red highlighted box under Deployment Info.


I have installed in Xcode6 new template for empty application, but there are no way to enter Class prefix… All files created without prefixes…



I’m working on chapter 17 and iOS 8 had just deprecated the old orientation change notification: willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:duration:

So any recommendation of detecting rotations?



If you look up willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:duration: in the documentation, Apple says:

Use [color=#4080FF]viewWillTransitionToSize:withTransitionCoordinator:[/color] to make interface-based adjustments.