Using Xcode's Autocomplete


Hello all. Just getting started with Mac programming.

I notice that the code editor in Xcode will provide placeholders for methods, etc. as I type.

How do I move to the next placeholder to fill in the correct value?

I’ve used the Tab key and it seems to work some of the time, but never to take me to the end of the line.

Also, is there a quick reference somewhere of keyboard shortcuts for the editor? (The book so far as mentioned Control-Command-Up Arrow to switch between .h and .m files. I’m sure there are many more to learn.)

Thanks in advance for your help.


Tab has worked for me for moving between the placeholders, but I find that I have to be before them in the file for it to work – it won’t go backwards if I’m on the line below.

We have created a PDF of Xcode 4 shortcuts, actually. You can get a copy by subscribing to the BNR email newsletter at - look for the blue Subscribe button.



Thanks Adam!


Tab normally works for me, but not 100%.

The most frustrating thing with autocomplete is that if I don’t elect to use the suggestion for NSString or whatever I need to make sure I get the case correct myself as it just tosses it back to what I actually typed. I understand why, but you would think that it could go ahead and correct the case for me!