Viewing a plist once it is created


Have successfully completed the project through p.172 on creating a plist (for stocks in this app). The text suggests viewing the XML code in a text editor. Where do I find that file? I have used finder to search for it using several different search strings, but nothing comes up. Same thing happened in previous chapters when writing info to the ‘tmp’ folder. Can’t seem to find it. Any guidance? A relative newbie here to a Mac environment, so perhaps that’s an issue too, lol.


The line of code that actually creates the file is this one:

[stocks writeToFile:@"/tmp/stocks.plist" atomically:YES];

So, using Finder, use the “Go -> Go To Folder…” menu item. Type in “/tmp”.

When you see the stocks.plist in the Finder, you can double=click it to open it in the default editor (probably Xcode). Or control-click on it to choose “Open With -> TextEdit”.


open terminal, type “open -t /tmp/stocks.plist”
(the -t opens the file in a Texteditor)


open terminal, type “open -t /tmp/stocks.plist”
(the -t opens the file in a Texteditor)[/quote]

Indeed this works, and it will open stocks.plist in TextEdit, but if you type: “open /tmp/stocks.plist”, it will open it in Xcode’s own nifty plist editor. Just FYI…