Viewing the arrays



While trying to get my head around this chapter I wanted to see what was in the array, Employees. I used


to print the array. That printed this

2012-09-18 13:17:35.942 BMITime[71423:303] (
"<Employee 0: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 1: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 2: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 3: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 4: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 5: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 6: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 7: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 8: $0 in assets to date>",
"<Employee 9: $0 in assets to date>"

I thought the array would have the weight and height of the person in it as well. What am I missing?

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They will be printed only if there is a description method that prints them, and that description method must be called somehow. If you print the contents of an array with %@, the array will call the description method of each item in it.


Thanks for the information. I am surprised you can’t see what is in the the array in xcode. Do you have to write your own code to see what is in the array?

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Oh, but you can see what’s in the array. When you log an array, it sends the -description message to every object it contains. It’s then that object’s responsibility to log its own attributes.

That is to say, a person’s weight isn’t in the array itself. It’s an attribute of a person. There are lots of person objects in the array.

Another example: If I have an array of ten satchels, the array only knows about the satchel objects themselves, not what’s in them. Only the satchels themselves know their individual contents. So if I want to log out everything in each of my satchels, each satchel needs to be able to report its contents - so I’d implement a -description in my Satchel class.